Wildest dream

As an Aries, I believe that I was created to be an explorer, a wanderer, a world observer.

Had I ever imagined that I would travel, I would have listed down the universe top itineraries since I was a kid. Ah, I was just a naive kid back then, never knew that I would be able to flip my tranquil childhood into an unexpected journey.

The saying goes: “gantungkan cita-citamu setinggi langit”. Frankly, I never realised what my dreams were. I just recall that I was so excited to the so-called English language and was so eager to speak like a native. At that moment, I was like telling myself “okay, Kid, you can conquer the world, you can speak this weird language to people wherever you go”.

I never told anybody, but I guessed the ghost kept whispering and it immersed to my intuition and it became wilder and crazier.

Yes my dream was that simple: talking to people in the world with English.

And yes, I assume I am destined to do so.

“Never too old to start”.

I just believe that something good takes time.

I was too scared to start traveling. I mean, I did travel, but not too intense and not too far.

Until someone encouraged me to take a huge leap in my life. Even though, it was not literally traveling, it was the hardest and bravest decisions which have come across my mind.

Well, you met someone for reasons. Some people you met are whom you supposed to forget, but some others are whom you should be thankful for their contribution to change your life and perspective.

This person, with the strenght and weakness he has, has changed my point of view. He did not straightforward change me, but yes he was one particular reason why I did travel to Europe, the continent which I truly believe that most people are amazed to visit to, the place in which fulled by histories and memories.

I was stunned when I first landed in Frankfurt, Germany, on November 22 2014, and I was more amazed when I reached and stepped on Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris. Yes Paris, the most romantic city in the world (most people say so).

If it were not because of him, I would never be there.

Life seemed perfect there. Going to school attended by people all over the world, talking the language I used to dream to, listening to people chanting in an alien language which I didn’t comprehend any single word, using body language when you got stuck with the most difficult language to pronounce, getting packed in the train in the morning while hurrying up, freezing in a 5-layer clothes (because it was Winter) yet feeling gorgeous because I could wear those coats and jackets and boots, and of course feeling enchanted when he asked me for a date.

Yes. It was perfect.

Paris is my most loved and hated city. I do undeniably loved living in Paris (it was only 3 months), but I hated it on the other side.

As I told you, something happens for a reason and we meet people for some reasons as well.

Honestly, I was so thankful to him that he brought me to Europe. Maybe the reason why I met him was to encourage me to open my mind and be more courageous to take decisions.

Well, it doesn’t mean I cannot move on, what I am saying is, yes because of him, I can set myself free, I can see the world far more wider than I thought.

And yes, I am more thankful to him because after he broke up with me, I can even see that no places seems daunting as I used to perceive. I travel more.

Being a solo traveler could be very tricky, but I have experienced it several times and it is so much fun and more ridiculously exciting.

Being a solo traveler means that you can aimlessly go as your itchy feet stride.

Being a solo traveler means that you don’t need to argue with your travel companions about which places to go.

Being a solo traveler means that you can even make more friends on the way you go. It makes you more tolerant and broad-minded person. seeing people from all around the world and looking at how they behave and act towards you, and realizing that you are not alone to walk on the path.

Being a solo traveler, even more, makes you understand who you truly are.

So far, I have just traveled to some countries in Europe (France, Germany and Belgium), and some states in Australia (ACT, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania). Some I did solo, some not. Those are bond memories which I would like to share to you, and those, of course my wildest dreams I have always carved in my mind.

I believe when there is a will, there is always ways.

I believe that from now, I can set my self free to go wherever I want, flee my self from the world which sometimes fails me, and unconfine my self from detainment, before I reach 30.

Because some say, life begins at 30.

Well then, let’s sleep and dream even wilder.

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