Hi, welcome to my blog. I know I should have written this chapter earlier, but I had no idea what to write.

My name is Rini, better known as Rien Asagi. This site is my new one, I deleted my previous blog due to some technical and personal problems.

I write about everything and everyone who comes across my life. Sometimes I write too bluntly without knowing that someone would be affected by that. I apologise and I have learned how to tell a story more properly now.

I am quite introvert, that’s why my blog is kind of the best companion for every emotion I encounter. You may read a happy and sad story, a very emotional or furious one, a loved and cherished one or even a hated one. My blog can define who I am, but not entirely. I am still privatizing some parts of life’s stories.

This is an open blog, everyone can read it and everyone is open for comments and suggestion but I really expect it will be a constructive one, not a destructive.

I will be more focused on fashion and travel blog as I started liking to get myself adorned. I like dressing up and puting make up as well. I have also begun traveling in the past 2 years and would gladly talk about my trip to the countries I’ve been to. Well, not so many, but memorable. Moreover, I start saving more money for traveling as well.

I didn’t use to travel, but once I did it, it gets addicted and I get my itchy feet. Even tho my parents are against my new hobby, I believe I can convince them that this thing is not a waste, but really full of life lessons.

Currently, I have also been doing photograph-ing. I own a quite professional camera, but not really a pro one, I am still a novice.

So, 3 things which can’t be apart from me: clothes, make ups and camera.

Let me define what my hobbies are for me.

Fashion: I am neither girly nor boyish. I am a moderate. I dress up according to my mood. My clothes are not counted to be the expensive ones, I bought them because I like them, not because they are fancy, or branded or very costly. But yes, once I knew how to attractively get dressed, sometimes brands matter, when I get enough money to purchase.

Make up: once my mom told me that a girl should not put too much make up because she won’t look appealing on her wedding day. Then I never wanted to make up. Until last year, in Australia, when my ex boy friend broke up with me, and when the weather conditions were not friendly to me, I started buying and putting make up on my face. I never realised I would get addicted until I saw there were heaps of different brands in my drawer. Yes, I am really into them now. Regarding to the brands, I kept trying and shifting from one to another, some were quite affordable, some were too expensive (still, I bought them). I guess different country and changing weather have affected my complexion, so I am still suffering with that problem.

Photography: I fancy photograph-ing a city life: seeing people walking past the roads, capturing the iconic buildings of a city, wandering around to chase sunset, sitting down on the grass by the lake and taking breaths as I live freely and comfortably and lens-ing the birds flying over the sky. But don’t get me wrong! Since I like decorating myself, I also love to do selfies, to photograph myself like a model, the not-so-called model. Many people may loathe it when they see me being photographed, but I call it a self-indulgence. Whatever! 😂

In the coming months, I will probably start a new project with my friend, focusing on fashion and travel and I am really looking forward to it.

I have gained confidence and have realized now what I want to do for living from something I really like. I hope it goes well and I can be a more creative and sophisticated person in the future.

I don’t expect much. I am just expecting that I can be more influential for others by what I do and create.

I got some positive comments in my previous blog where some people were so encouraged by my pieces of writings, then I would be very lovely to start sharing again.

Sharing is caring, isn’t it?.


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