Au revoir

Happy Birthday, love.

I quite have a vision when 2 years ago, I was intentionally strolling around in freez at the Eiffel tower just to make sure that I presented you a nice and joyful birthday wish on video.

It was also 2 years ago, when I strode in doubt to a pastry and asked for a cake. It’s so funny when I utilized my body language just because I didn’t speak French. Yet well, I got it.

You didn’t know when I knocked on your door and I bought those little presents just to make you happy. It was always you, above everything.

Time flies tho. It’s been 2 years and yet, I still fall for it.

I know we don’t communicate much recently, and I don’t want to. I know we don’t want each other’s company, but we sometimes ridicule our lives for not wanting our backs. We are too selfish.

You may have not loved me, you confused me.

I’m totally happy that my life now is far more independent. I’m no longer in the needs of a lover, nor you. I find myself delightful all alone.

I’m not erasing you, or all the memories. I’m standing over it, not to hurt myself or not capable of moving on, but to affirm myself, that I, once, had a very prefect life with you, even tho, maybe, all those times and love we shared, were lies.

Au revoir, love.

Til we meet again.

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