A daddy’s little girl

I was away from home since I was 12. Like every other little girl, I was, at that time, in the need of parents’ love and affection, yet in fact, I was trying to survive alone.

Time flew, and I made my life on my own. I didn’t get along too well with my father, we argued a lot. Years have passed. the more I grow up, the more grey hairs my father has, the wiser we have got. I am now, like the pride to him, and he is the pride to me.

Every decision I have made was something under my father’s consent.

I have been overseas several times; to Paris for study and to Australia for work. Every time I went, they led my way into the airports, in excitement.

I realize now that traveling is a good thing to do, before I get too old, before I build my life with someone else. However, my parents see traveling is a waste of time, money and energy. They have never agreed if I go aimlessly.

I might be a rebellious, impulsive and determined, but I have also convinced them that everything I do is to make myself more independent, more courageous and more confident.

For the last 2 years, I have spent new year in 2 different countries; France (Paris) and Australia (Sydney). It was thrilling to see fireworks and to witness people wishing a happy and blissful new year to each other. Moreover, since I am single and do not have company, I guess new year is the perfect time to travel, not necessarily think about a partner to spend it with, but simply to think a place to waste my time in.

There I went, to Hong Kong, with a friend of mine, spending new year 2017 in an administratively independent Chinese government. Hong Kong attracted me just because I don’t need a visa to enter, and because I got a promo ticket. I bought it 3 months in advance without noticing if my parents would agree or not. I didn’t tell them right away.

2 weeks before my departure, I had a chance to go home and see my parents. I, hesitantly told my mom that I would go. Her expression was a bit odd, not shocked, but maybe anxious. I unwind her and told her that I would be fine. She nodded. Yet, my father was out of my sight and I couldn’t tell him that I would travel. Another reason was just I was a bit frightened tho, that he would scold me for what I had decided. I left home without telling him anyway.

2 day before my departure, my mom rang me and made sure that everything was okay, and I said yes, everything was fine. She said she had spoken to my father and he asked me to cancel my flights, but my mom soothed him, he agreed, eventually. Thanks Daddy, I love you 😀

Few hours before my departure, my mom, again, called me to check on me, and I told her I was fine, nothing to worry about. Until that day, I didn’t speak to my father.

I finally landed safely in Hong Kong, being stranded on New Year’s eve just because we had to cancel our first hostel for they raised the price and for we had limited money, we just found much cheaper hostel for the following nights.

We strolled aimlessly, found a luggage storage, left our bags, then gathered with numbers of people around Victoria Harbour. I am a tiny species in the crowd of big human and I barely breathed. We assembled in a closed and fenced road and it was hard to get out of it. I gave up and told my friend to jump out of the gate, then we jumped. Had I never got out of the fence, I could have passed out.

I didn’t buy any sim card, my sister didn’t have online data either. Fyi, my parents cannot use social medias and my sister is my walking bridge to get any information. I lost contact, and I lost my phone as well.

4 days in Hong Kong was not quite peaceful since I needed to sort of a way to get a new phone and my parents’ numbers. I didn’t tell them that my phone was gone, I guess it is the best way to keep them calm.

I arrived safe and soundly in Jakarta and went back to my rent house. The following day, I got a new sim card and fortunately, my parents’ numbers were restored on my google account. I called them straightaway.

And that time I spoke to my father. He, as always, gave me long advice and asked me not to do such hasty decision again. He is a religious man, he just recommends me that if I want to travel abroad, travel to Mekkah and do Umrah. Oh, you are such a noble man, Daddy. Of course, I would love to.

I am turning 29 next April, yet I believe, I am still my daddy’s little girl, as always. Don’t worry, Bapak. Whatever I do, my prayers always go to you, and I believe that, wherever I go, your prayers go upon me as well.


I love you.

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