social media, no?

I believe that everybody is getting addicted to the what so-called social media. Facebook, twitter, path, instagram, and so on.

I could be one of those people whose phone are packed with the apps. But, recently, I feel that those apps are no longer useful and I started deleting them on my phone.

I began using Facebook in 2009, in uni. It was a popular app where people were so excited to post what they did and felt. It was a common thing to write, a usual activity to comment.

now, I can sense Facebook as a way to insult others. Politics predominate the walls. Some mock one particular organization, others try to block negative comments by talking back indecently, defending what they think right.

I can be neutral, positioning myself as the not-knowing-anything person and live my life peacefully by not too often logging in into Facebook. Sometimes, in my free time, I still try to “glance” and read some valuable articles posted by some knowledgeable people.

I started using Twitter after Facebook and was one of the most used app back then in 2011-2012. I found this app was much more appealing and useful as well. but then again, I was lack of interest and deleted it and became one of the unutilized app I have ever had.

Then I signed up path in the late 2012 and began posting some “unimportant” stuffs on it. This app is a bit private and people mostly post about their daily activities, identical to what they did on Facebook at the initial time.

I enjoyed path, but then again I thought, it was no use. I deleted it. But sometimes I still download it back.

The only app I am still keeping on my phone is Instagram. It is just because I like photography and am keen on showing my skills to others.

But well yeah, different people have varied senses, view s and perspectives of what I post.

I sometimes find negative comments regarding to my photographs. I sometimes feel my photographs are senseless and delete some of them.

Since I fancy writing nowadays, I begin pouring words into a blog, and WordPress is quite helpful.

Social media is like having two different sides, in which, it can be a good or bad one.

I have got some emails inquiring about traveling or about aupair program I have once participated.

I have also got some friends when they feel that I have provided them some information they are looking for.

I have obtained some “fans” just because they fancy my posts.

I have also gained some “haters”, just because they think my posts are too exaggerating and not so myself.

I am kind of sensitive person. If some people talk that what I did was wrong, I wholeheartedly perceive as a good input. Because once I heard that our life values in people’s opinion. What we believe is true does not mean it fits with others.

Well, in order to avoid false perception, I decided not to expose my life publicly.

I guess it would be a right choice to start.

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