It was one fine afternoon, I opened the office door and walked through the threshold.

No one was there but a man, unfamiliar.

He was cool and neat, in his maroon suit and black trousers, with a little beard around his cheeks.

Never had I met quite like him before.

He was sitting in the corner, he seemed occupied, staring at his handphone.
I was ignorant, maybe a shy as well. I didn’t care, neither did he.

I sat in the opposite way.

We didn’t talk nor smiled.

Suddenly he asked me the prayer room, I pointed at it, telling him the direction.

He followed, and I shifted.

Minutes passed, I was sitting with a few colleagues and he showed up.

They began chatting, I muted.

I didn’t speak a word, but my ears listened.

Still, I didn’t care.

We might intentionally have put a glance, curious but doubtful.

Then off we went, after work.

I was walking alone in a mall next to my rent house. Unbelievably, I saw him roaming in front of me, alone, still in a maroon suit.

Assuming that he had known me from the office at his first day of work, I patted his shoulder and I said “hi”.

Shamelessly, I smiled, but didn’t bother asking him where to go.

The word “hi” could be a literal goodbye, as I walked past him and didn’t look back.

Nothing I had in mind to ever see him again.

But then, destiny said the other way.


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