My mind tangled, my heart twisted.

I opened my eyes and sighed deeply.

“what should I do?”

I loved him, but he hated me.

He expected perfection, but I had flaws, way too far from perfect.

I looked at in the mirror and saw my self.

“what did I do wrong?”

He said I was selfish, I was unruly, I was mischievous.

I closed my eyes, cleared my thoughts.

I said “it’s okay, you still can love him”.

then one side of my heart said “but he hates you, you cannot be what he wants”.

I groaned, and felt the urge to scream, inside my heart.

Suddenly, tears dropped, one, two and several.

I sobbed.

I thought.

I left.

Some say that it is best to cry over the rain.

and I walked.

in a crowd of people, I felt my cheeks getting warm.

and I burst into tears.

I cried, and drenched.


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