My heart was pounding …


I tried to subdue my distorted feeling by gawking at the mirror.


“was it that long?” I told myself

“am I falling for him?”

As I saw myself quite perfect, I showed up.

It was the second time I met him, in the office.

For a while, I forgot that in previous day, I cried in pain, wishing someone whom I barely could have.

Today, I was flattered by his broadened smile. He recognized me.

I threw the smile back at him, still, no words were uttered.

Day passed.

I prepared to go, and he said

“Can I take you home?”


I nodded “sure”.

I was blushed.

He was quite talkative, he told me his life, a bit. I listened.

Still, I thought “am I falling in love?”

“or am I just easily flirted?”

be positive.

He took me home.

then he said “let’s have dinner, shall we?”

I asked him to wait.

I got changed.

and off we went.

For a while, I forgot that I just broke up with a man, just because his mom didn’t like me. I forgot that in the past 2 years, I was waiting in vain.

His smile shifted my heart.

We were sitting, face to face.

In a black suit, he looked stunning.

“oh, I always like a man in black” , I told myself.

We spent few hours, reluctantly talking, clumsily looking at each other.

and we walked home.

He said goodbye and asked me “will we go again?”

I smiled.

and I closed the door and saw him leave in discreet through the blind.

I felt my heart lighter.

Because of you.


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