It was 2 years ago I decided to move town, to move on, to heal wounds.

I thought that new ambiance and new people would put me to perceive the world more brightfully.

I was totally alleviated.

I got a new job, I met new people.

I never intended to meet a new lover.


I met him, a man in a maroon suit.

We met in November, yes, in November rain.

and we both like rain.

After he took me home that night, we were kind of lost.

No text messages, no phone calls.

I thought “maybe he plays me”.

then I ignored my feelings.

One night, after the rain poured all the day, he texted me.

“Where are you?” he said.

I was stunned. quiet.

“I am at home”, I replied.

“can we meet?”, he said.

“what time?” I was curious

“now” he said briefly.

I looked at my watch. It was ticking at 8.40pm.

Fifteen minutes later, my phone rang.

“I am in front of your house”.

I was quickly walking and descending the stairs.

I opened the front door and he was there.

It was drizzling and he was quite drenched.

I took my umbrella with me and we were walking under it.

“where are we going?” my voice broke the quietness.

“dinner”, he said shortly.

I just followed his way.

We stopped in a franchise restaurant and had dinner there.

“I want to tell you something”, he said while chewing his meals.

“go ahead”, I said with so much curiousity.

actually I was uneasy yet eager to know what he was about to tell.

“I’ll tell you later”

The dinner finished, still, he didn’t utter one single word.

It was an awkward moment, yet memorable.

“Let me walk you home”, he insisted.

It was still raining when we were walking, but I deciced to walk in the rain.

We were talking here and there, still, I had no idea his points.

There we arrived, at my home.

Curiously, I asked “do you still have something to tell me?”

“yes, but I am nervous”, he replied.

“that’s okay then, we can talk later”, I suggested.

He was quiet and looked uneasy.

“will you be my girlfriend?”, he finally said.

with an opened-mouth expression, I didn’t believe what he said, and I couldn’t say a word.

One thing I knew that it was not an old time when a girl needed to consider yes/no answer to such question.

Maybe, because I had fallen for him from the first time, so here I said…


I smiled and blushed.

then he went home.


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