We have many memorable moments with the rain, in the rain city, in rainy days.

He called me “my only rain”.

We sometimes dated in the rain, played with it. Nothing could be as romantic as it was.

First date might have been odd, we didn’t know what to say.

But I knew, his smile always meant something. relieving.

When I was with him, I totally forgot the grief, the mess a man had already made.

I felt joy. I sensed future.

He talked gently, as if nothing would have never happened. He convinced me.

He was more than a lover, but a confidant.

One night, you rode me home and it was raining cats and dogs along the way.

We stopped in a street food stall, deliberately escape from being wet.

You stood and looked at the rain.

I sat and watched your reflection on the wet ground.

Your shoes were sprinkled by the rain. Oh, I loved it.

The smell after the rain would always remind me of you, like the scent of your perfume, natural fragrance.

That night was one of my favourites, as you confessed that, I was the first girl you ever loved.

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