Canberra, the not-so underrated capital city. 

Most of people assume that Sydney is the capital city of Australia. Nope, Canberra is. 

I had heard about people saying things about this quiet city. Some said it would have been cold, boring and difficult to find a job or entertainment. 

Well, Canberra is cold maybe correct, but boring? Absolutely not. 

In my first week in Canberra, a lot of things surprised me. It was one misty morning when I took the kid I was taking care of to school, which was only few steps away from home. I and the kid saw a mob of kangaroos in the school yard giggling and looking at us. I was so excited to see and thrilled to capture this rare moment listed on my things-to-do in Australia. 

Seeing kangaroos was a must for those who come to Australia. Most of people would go to a zoo to see them, but in Canberra, you just need to take a stroll in your back yard and find them. 

Canberra is mostly covered by its nature; mountains, bushes, and some wild animals like kangaroos. 

I came in Winter and this season is the Kangaroos’ favourite one because in Summer, I hardly found them. 

In 2015, first Winter in Canberra was so, hmm, I can say, joyful. As Winter is always the most favourite one as well, I liked to dress, wearing coat and boots. That was not my experience in cold weather, my Winter in Paris was more so unbearably freezing. One thing I like from Winter in Australia, especially in Canberra is even though it’s cold, but the Sun shines so brightly, warm enough to take a stroll in the afternoon. 

At night, using heater in Winter seemed not to work really well, I slept in layers of clothes and socks and beanie plus double thick blankets. 

In Winter 2016, before I returned home to Indonesia, I witnessed the snow falling in Canberra. I was staying in a friend’s house and the day before I and she were planning to wake up earlier to see the snow, then we made it. 

It was around 5 in the morning, the snow was falling. It lasted for quite long, until around 8 am when I was on the way to work, I saw it spread on the road and still falling lighter. 

As September came, Spring was on the way. I had never thought that Spring in Canberra was so amazingly beautiful. I thought I would just see the cherry blossoms only in Japan, Canberra owns it as well. 

The trees around the housing complex were turning pink. They bloomed, beautifully. As the weather getting warmer, riding a bicycle is the right choice. Canberra is well-known by its safest bicycle lanes. I bought a used bicycle from Gumtree (an Australian website for selling and buying) for only $40. So bad I don’t have any pictures of it. 

In the late September to mid October (if I’m not mistaken), Canberra holds Floriade, the annual flower festival where you can see tulips and other flowers bloom in Canberra. It is located in Commonwealth Park, only minutes by bus from city centre. 

December in Australia is also known as Christmas in bikinis. Unlike the Northern Hemisphere, December in Canberra is the hot season, Summer. It was my first Summer experience and it convinced me that I really loathe this season. My country is a tropical one, but Summer in Canberra was not only hot, but dry. The hottest temperature reached 37°c. I could barely go outside, it was too damn hot. 

Canberra also holds a Multicultural Festival in February. You can find foods and entertainment from all over the world, including my country, Indonesia. 

I had a chance to meet Mr Ambassador and talked to him about the festival. 

As March coming the way, the weather was warm, the leaves turning orange, then red, some were gold, some brown, they they fell to the ground. Nothing beats this season, Autumn. 

It was the right time to chill, to go around the city and find out the spots to take some Autumn photographs. 

And I found some. 

In Autumn, Canberra also has Enlighten Festival where you can find foods, entertainment and illuminated buildings like the National Gallery, the Old and New Parliament House around the Parliamentary Triangle. 

Now who says Canberra is boring? Canberra is so far my favourite city in Australia because of its uniqueness and its quietness. I love everything about Canberra, and I put my memories in there. The memories which I cannot even forget, the memories which will take me back someday. 

Until we meet again. 🙂

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