Magnificent Melbourne (part 2)

Federation Square, Melbourne. 

29 July 2015

I woke up freezing in a thin woolen blanket. Perplexed, I was aware that I got up in a different country. I checked my phone and saw the pre-dawn prayer schedule and made sure that I didn’t miss it. Luckily, it was Winter where the sunrise was a bit late because the night was longer than any other seasons.

I descended the bunk bed and tiptoed towards the door and unlocked it. Everybody seemed to be sleeping. I took shower early morning to avoid the crowd that might happen during shower time. I came back to my room and prayed before the others woke up. Still, the Islamophobia frightened me since it was obvious that I am a moslem (because of the headscarf).

My visit to Melbourne was just a transit. My main journey was to Canberra and I departed at 12 p.m local time at the same day.

I didn’t want to miss a chance to wander around Melbourne. Though I only had few hours, I was happy. I went outside the hostel at around 9 a.m and walked roughly 500 meters along the Flinders street to Federation Square. This place is located next to the well-known Flinders station and has become the iconic landmark in Melbourne.

The hustle bustle city life merging with the old European-style architecture has made the city awarded as the most livable city in 5 consecutive years. I was likely to fall in love with it in my first impression.

Flinders Station in the morning. 

I am a city-life observer. I like traveling to a city just to watch people around and capture them to make a story. It’s so captivating seeing people gather in an intersection while waiting for the green light to walk. They follow the rules, respect each other.

The church around Federation Square

Melbourne is a modern city, but it is tranquil to live there. If I could, I would have chosen living in Melbourne than in Canberra. However, I was really thankful that I could have traveled and seen the life in this unpredictable-weather city. Yes, long before I came, my friends who stayed in Melbourne warned me that it could be 4 seasons in a day. So, if you plan to come to Melbourne, just prepare your 4-season outfit to avoid having wrong costume.

It was just a short visit in Melbourne. I was quite content to have seen the city that day. I went back to the hostel since it was almost 11 a.m and my bus would be leaving in an hour. As always, I came by to a Starbucks coffee shop to buy hot chocolate, and more importantly, to buy tumbler of the city I am visiting. Recently, when I travel, I fancy buying Starbucks tumbler as a proof that I have visited the city or the country.

Back at the hotel, I packed my big, purple luggage and checked out. I pulled my luggage back to a steep Spencer street towards the Southern Cross Couch Terminal and waited there for a while.

At 12 p.m, the bus departed, and my journey as a Work and Holiday Visa holder just began.

*to be continued*

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