The jobs that pay the bills (2) 

My previous work place, Canberra.

A few days ago, one of my colleagues was a bit complaining about the working hours he’s got in the office. He used to work in a hotel in California, the USA. Back then, he said he still got time to hang out with some friends even though his jobs were demanding. But now, he doesn’t seem to have that privileges. 

I’ve got the same opinion. When I was living in Canberra, Australia, I could manage my time to socialize, to meet my friends and to share what we had been through. I had two jobs back then, a nanny and a part-time room attendant in a five-star hotel in Canberra. 

As a nanny, I worked in the morning helping the kid I was taking care of, preparing his meals. His mom sometimes helped me doing those, so I needed not to do lots of things. I took the kid to school which was only 5 minutes away from home by foot. 

He started school at 9am and finished at 3pm. In the first six months, I used this spare time to attend some free English courses. It was the right time for me to meet new people. 

The courses only took 2 hours. Sometimes, I went to a park and stayed there for a while, just to chill. I came back home when the kid finished school. At home, I prepared light meals for the kid and tidied up his clothes. In the afternoon, I and the kid went to back yard to do some sports or took him to a swimming course. 

His mom arrived around 5pm-6pm. When she was at home, I did nothing just to help her preparing dinner. 

Being a nanny was one of the popular jobs in Australia, the money was okay, at least for a single lady like me. But, when it comes to judgmental Indonesian people, being a nanny is probably told a lower and an uneducated position. 

I remembered when my mom told me not to tell other people that I was being a nanny in Australia. I told her, why so ashamed? This job is not embarrassing, I could live with it. 

In the last six months in Canberra, I tried to find a new job, which I got in a hotel, being a room attendant. Again, in Indonesia this job is a “twopenny” one, low-paid and uneducated. 

My job started at 9am, which means that, after taking the kid to school at 8.30, I was rush to get a bus to the city. Luckily, the hotel was just 20 minutes away from home, so I managed my time to come on time. The job was mainly cleaning the rooms, including toilets. Yes,I scrubbed toilets. 

Before I got into the rooms, I packed the things needed in the rooms to my trolley; towels, robes, toiletries and also chemicals. 

I worked with one other friend with a list of rooms attached in my trolley. Can you imagine how heavy the trolley was? Yes, I pushed it along the aisles, knocked the door and sometimes snuck around and made sure that the guests were gone. 

Frequently, I got 15-20 rooms to be finished in 4-5 hours. Don’t ask me how I worked, my job was a fast-pace one. I didn’t even have time to eat or drink. 

Moreover, the manager was a ruthless one. She seldom smiled, always frowned and angry. She was a single lady in her 40s and a strict and detailed one. She would know if something went wrong in the room. 

Although the job was tiring, but I guessed I was happy to do it. I got more money from this job and I could save more, for my parents, for traveling. 

My friends came from different countries and they did different occassion as well. Most of them were masters students who were studying in Canberra, and they were not embarrased to do such job. 

My mom, again, asked me not to tell anyone that I was once working as a room attendant in a hotel, but I told her I got nothing to be ashamed of. I was proud of what I was doing. I could earn money and friends. 

What I learn about working there is that people don’t care what their jobs are, as long as it gives them money, and the money can pay their rent, food and other expenses, there are no such “good” or “bad” or “educated” or “uneducated” jobs. 

We work for what we are enjoying to do, not what we are not happy for. 

*cheers to the jobs that pay the bills*

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