A single mom

In my experience, I’ve seen quite a lot single women who have been struggling for life, they survive. 

I have two sisters and they got divorced with kids with them to feed. My elder sister has a 15-yo son who is now in puberty and seeing world as his own. My sister works and never happens to take care of her son except for money matters. The boy is in his freedom and never does what his mom says. He is quite delinquent. My parents told my sister to quit the job and look after her son, but she’s got no choice. If she quits, who will pay for the bills, she has no husband to rely on. 

My little sister, on the other hand, is divorced with two little kids; a 6-yo girl and a 3-yo boy. She was a second wife to a mid-40s man who is quite well-established in terms of money and jobs. She was deceived, or I could say, my father was deceived by the man’s wealth and never thought of what would happen next. Then my little sister was married to the man. 

I know that there is no women that want to share their husbands, and neither does that woman. My little sister was a victim of the greediness of the so-called “men”. My little sister was bullied by her husband’s first wife. She was called a slut, not considerate, heartless and so on. My sister cried, so did I. I blamed my father for this and he apologized but he couldn’t turn back. For my sister, marriage life is a hell, a nightmare. She was never happy and never is. 

Maybe, her two children are the ones who can cheer her up through her tough days. She, then, was divorced. She came back to live in my parents’ house along with her kids. She doesn’t work because her son is still a baby and needs her at home. She might work again sooner when her son is mature enough to be left with my mom. Her ex husband is still responsible for her expenses with the kids, but sometimes she feels abandoned as well. 

My previous hostmom is a single mom with one son. Unlike my two uneducated sisters, she is the smartest woman I’ve ever met in my life. She is a doctor and she dedicates her life for her work and her son. I never saw her crying or in grief just because she doesn’t have a husband. She and her son are two human beings who are ready to rule the world whatever might happens to them. She never spoke about her husband or why she was divorced. Her son, I assume, never had a picture of his father. I predict, it is the better way to keep her son from seeing his father because she doesn’t want her ex husband to meddle in her life and her son. 

Based on those experiences, I should have thanked God that I am not married. Reflected to my sisters’ marriage life, it is not the only way to be happy. Sometimes it brings you grief and mourning. Even marriage can end into divorce. But, they should have been very thankful that they were given children who, one day, will be their pride and be the joy of their old life. 

I, sometimes think to adopt a kid, so I will not be lonely in the rest of my life. 

Hmm, should I? đŸ˜€ 

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