I have dedicated my life for teaching. It was not an easy way to do. It took me years to have finally realized that I like this profession more than any other passions I’m interested in. 

I know everything happens for reasons, and the reasons why I chose to move to another city and place to work can be vividly seen as an open gate to my further achievements. 

I have mostly taught teenagers and adults, in assumption that they are easily involved in activities and able to mingle to each other. 

No wonder when it comes to teaching children, I feel uninterested. Moreover, my previous job gave me less hours teaching children. 

But it was the past. In my current job, children are my most often human beings I’ve been seeing. 

I hated teaching young kids. They are cute but unmanageable. They are a cure but also a disaster. 

Now, I am taking my word back. I have taught young kids aged 3-5 for months and have seen their unique behaviors. Sometimes they misbehave, they get bored, they are easily distracted but they can also easily follow my instruction. 

The same thing happens to my students aged 7-9. They are the ones who want me to put my most attention to. I need to balance my sight, my opinion and my attention, of course. 

Then for these recent months I have been with them, I feel joy. Even tho teaching them consumes so much energy, I feel content. 

I wholeheartedly work and teach what I am passionate about, without wanting to have acknowledgement from my supervisor or colleagues. I have accepted unsatisfied comments in my first month with these young kids. But recently, I was told that the kids like having me as their teacher, I am quite a favorite. 

No idea what the reasons are. They say I am a motherly, a friendly, and a kind. They say that I never get angry, and easily engaged with them. 

That’s the art of being a teacher. Whatever your mood and situation is, the steps I take towards the class, the time I open the door and see my students smile and greet me, then it is the time that I become someone else. Someone’s kind, lovely and motherly. 

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