The unfair job.

Today, I and some of my colleagues were just talking randomly before class until one of them was saying to my junior, the current new teacher, that she was lucky enough to have a job just after she graduated. Yes, she is a fresh graduate. I am not talking about superiority or seniority here, but the thing is in Indonesia, I guess, there is no difference between the fresh-graduate ones or the highly-qualified ones or even the more educated ones, in doing the job, in earning money.

Back then in the late 2016, I was hired to be an English teacher in a diploma college. It was the first time I got a job after my 2-year recess of traveling and living abroad, and at that moment, I had experienced teaching for almost 10 years and had myself certified in teaching English as well. The salary, I can say, was less, but enough for me to make a living as a single lady. Besides, I could never confront anything related to money. I was just being thankful for what I earned.

Long story short, I had this female student. She was about 20 years old, graduated from a senior high school, just entered college, and was working in a very renowned retail store around Jakarta. I was talking to her about her job and she spit it out. She was telling me her duties at work and even her salary. I was stunned, knowing that she earned money as much as I did. I was like, wow! I felt like I was defeated by a young person and nothing did I do was even worth it.

Back to the first story, I am now working as a teacher in a very famous English course in Bogor. It’s been a year since I started working here, but a few years ago, I taught at this company in Bandung branch, so I guess my salary could have been reconsidered. Then I went to this interview. My interviewer was nice and she inquired me mostly about my experience in traveling and living abroad. I also wrote down my expected salary based on the thoughts that I am qualified enough to teach there.

Few weeks after the interview, she called me and stated that she preferred my monthly stipend lower that I expected. Again, I couldn’t say anything but to accept that. The thing is, I didn’t feel comfortable living in Jakarta at that time and I needed to move back to Bogor. So, I said yes!.

A year has passed, I have higher salary than last year, but in my opinion, it still doesn’t count the years of my teaching experience and my certification. I assume that, in Indonesia, the more loyal you work in a company, the better money you can get. It sometimes doesn’t need you to be smart or intelligent, or to have experience or have yourself certified, it just needs you to stay longer, than you will be paid well.

That’s my only two cents!.


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