About Winter

May our hearts as pure and white as the snow.

That day, I can’t remember the date, but I believe it was in 2014, I walked through the aisles of a supermarket in Bandung downtown. I was unsure what to buy, just followed the steps wherever he went. I found something, we found something – a Winter-themed note book. We took a quick glance and held it together, each of us grabbed one. The cover was light pink with some black color picturing the leafless trees and white background as it was depicting snow. I grinned as if I had known that I would have undergone Winter or I just did just because it seemed not possible.

I can’t remember what we were talking, but I was (we were) daydreaming, imagining that we would have spent a typical romantic winter tale somewhere in other continents. No wonder that we had been too excited as we were raised in a tropical country and seeing snow would have been just a pipe dream – something impossible to happen.

We bought that light pink note book anyway, hoping that our dream came true.

And it did come true.

A few months later…

I was sitting in a bus, looking through the wide thick window and was amazed to see snow falling from the sky. Oh, it was not a dream at that time. I was speaking to him, who was sitting beside me, that finally we could see that soft white thing which we had longed for, for years .

As the bus went past Stuttgart, a city in Germany, it went along a slippery road with a forest covered by thick snow as our view. It looked like what it was pictured on the book’s cover that we bought.

It was snowing all the way to Munich, our destination. It even snowed really hard when we passed Frankfurt.

The next day, as we traveled around Munich, I was beyond happy to touch the snow with my own hands, it also came to my surprise when it dripped on my face and all over my body. I was snow-showering.

And within seconds, I believed that I and he (we) had accomplished one of the most impossible thing to be feasible.

And I believe that good things just happen in time, in the right time.

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