Life in Yogyakarta

Tugu Monument Yogyakarta

I remember back then when I was studying in Jakarta (around 2006), I used to dream about going to Yogyakarta. One my high school friends spent his bachelor in one of the renowned universities here. He always talked about how cheap living here and most importantly this city is also dubbed as one of the friendliest for students.

Years later, in December 2017 in precise, my other friend took me here. She grew up and nurtured in this special region. Then here we went!.

The first time I came, I visited some touristic places such as the palace, Prambanan and Ijo temple, Ullen Sentalu museum and Imogiri.

I was always enticed to visit Yogyakarta since then. It turned out, I came three times in total before moving in.

April 2019, never expected before, but I live here now because my husband works as a lecturer in one of the best universities in Indonesia.

Feeling awkward, I’m getting used to hearing people speak in Javanese and trying to use the accent as well. I have lived in several cities in Indonesia but have never been in another area except Sundanese or Indonesian based language. It doesn’t mean that Javanese people don’t speak Bahasa, but they are also known to have strong accent which sometimes confuse me to comprehend the language. But hey, that’s the art, isn’t it?

Apart from the language barrier, living in Yogyakarta is really enthralling; kind people, cheap food and attractive places to explore.

It’s been two weeks now and I haven’t been able to travel around. My husband has been busy since we arrived and I just observed my neighborhood which is only few minutes walking to Tugu Monument and Kranggan traditional market. In this past two weeks as well, I think I’m ready to commence the real life, being a full-time wife and a part-time career woman. I intended to work at the same company I used to work in Bogor, but seems like they are ditching me. Thus, I searched for other opportunities. I didn’t put all the eggs in one basket tho, I went to some schools last week and one of them called me for an interview held this week. Really excited and looking forward to it.

Regarding to finding a job, I might say it’s not as easy as in other big cities like Jakarta or Bogor, and the salary is not good either. Based on the articles I read about people’s experiences, jobs cannot offer a lot of money. Aside from its cheap food and supply, accommodations are pretty costly as well. People really have to manage their money wisely.

Well, I guess I will find out about it once I finish the interview. I will keep you updated.

I hope Yogyakarta doesn’t fail me in every aspect I opt for. Moreover, I live here with the loved one, we can just support and have each other’s back.

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