Against all odds

November 2014 It was a misty and cloudy morning as I stared at the plane's window. I just landed in Frankfurt, Germany, the first European country my feet had stepped in. Nope, I was not visiting this city, I just had a few-hour transit before I reached my last destination, Paris, France. Hundreds of people [...]

A moslem in Europe

Being a moslem as a majority in Indonesia is easy. No one is questioning why you worship 5 times or why you wear long-sleeve dresses and cover your head in a hot and humid weather. But, being a moslem as a minority is a different story. I started to travel to Europe as a trainee [...]

Marvelous Munich.

Siapa yang tak kenal Bayern Munchen? Klub sepak bola ternama di Jerman ini berada di kota Munich (German:München), sekitar 18 jam dari Paris bermodakan transportasi bus. Waktu itu tepat dua minggu sebelum kepulangan saya ke Indonesia, saya ingin sekali mengunjungi negara Eropa lainnya. Pilihan pertama saya adalah Belanda, karena saya tertarik dengan bunga tulip dan [...]

First day of School

Bonsoir, It's been a while since the last time I wrote about Paris due to some occasion I have undergone recently. You can check my previous writing about how I ended up living in Paris. It was one rainy day in the last Autumn days late November 2014. I left the house around 9 o'clock and [...]

Paris, enchanteur.

I dropped my bags after my friend picked me up at the airport. I was thinking to rest for the rest of the night and roamed around Paris on the next day. But, I guess Paris was too attractive to be missed. "would you like to take a walk tonight?" my friend asked. Don't ask [...]

C’est La Vie, Paris.

It was Monday, around 11am, I couldn't remember what date it was, I was lying on the floor right after exercising, I got a text from TLS contact (an agent for assisting France Visa Application) saying that my passport had been back to their office. Spontaneously, I raised and jumped as I read the text [...]