Au revoir

Happy Birthday, love. I quite have a vision when 2 years ago, I was intentionally strolling around in freez at the Eiffel tower just to make sure that I presented you a nice and joyful birthday wish on video. It was also 2 years ago, when I strode in doubt to a pastry and asked [...]

5 signs that I am an introvert

At the age of 12, it was my first time I recognized myself that I prefered doing everything alone. It was the moment when I had a life by myself and without parents' supervision. Life was suck back then for I had got no friends and no family nearby. Then I decided to find an [...]


"Don't get married because the society wants you to do so, do it when you are ready and have found the right one". Once my friend told me. As an almost-30-year-old lady, my parents are a bit anxious knowing that their daughter is not married yet. I do understand, but I keep telling them that [...]