My Unique Student #1

Being a teacher is fun, not only I can teach students, I also can observe their behaviors. For these past 10 years I've been teaching, I've collected plenty of students from various ages and backgrounds, from children to adults, and from low, middle to high class families. Some of them are mischievous, some are calm [...]

The unfair job.

Today, I and some of my colleagues were just talking randomly before class until one of them was saying to my junior, the current new teacher, that she was lucky enough to have a job just after she graduated. Yes, she is a fresh graduate. I am not talking about superiority or seniority here, but [...]

Work and Holiday Visa Australia

Hi, it's me again and I'm gonna write my experience how to get a Work and Holiday Visa (WHV) Australia and tell you how I could survive living there. I have written this story on my previous blog but I deleted it and was wondering if any of you want to know about what I [...]