Life in Yogyakarta

I remember back then when I was studying in Jakarta (around 2006), I used to dream about going to Yogyakarta. One my high school friends spent his bachelor in one of the renowned universities here. He always talked about how cheap living here and most importantly this city is also dubbed as one of the [...]

Against all odds

November 2014 It was a misty and cloudy morning as I stared at the plane's window. I just landed in Frankfurt, Germany, the first European country my feet had stepped in. Nope, I was not visiting this city, I just had a few-hour transit before I reached my last destination, Paris, France. Hundreds of people [...]

Magnificent Melbourne (part 2)

29 July 2015 I woke up freezing in a thin woolen blanket. Perplexed, I was aware that I got up in a different country. I checked my phone and saw the pre-dawn prayer schedule and made sure that I didn't miss it. Luckily, it was Winter where the sunrise was a bit late because the [...]

Magnificent Melbourne (part 1)

28 July 2015, I first landed in this capital city of Victoria, Australia. My main destination was Canberra, but I was impressed to step in this dubbed "4-season-in-a-day" city. I arrived at 5 p.m local time, after 6-hour flight from Bali, in a cold Winter afternoon without knowing which way to go. I booked a [...]

Ramadhan di Australia

Tak terasa dua hari lagi Ramadhan tiba. Tahun lalu, saya berkesempatan untuk berpuasa di Canberra, Australia dengan waktu puasa yang lebih pendek, yakni sekitar 11 jam saja. Yes, bulan Juni-Agustus adalah musim dingin di Australia, yang artinya siang harinya lebih pendek. Pertama kalinya berpuasa di negeri orang tak surutkan semangat puasa saya. Kebetulan saya tinggal [...]

Canberra, the not-so underrated capital city. 

Most of people assume that Sydney is the capital city of Australia. Nope, Canberra is.  I had heard about people saying things about this quiet city. Some said it would have been cold, boring and difficult to find a job or entertainment.  Well, Canberra is cold maybe correct, but boring? Absolutely not.  In my first [...]

Marvelous Munich.

Siapa yang tak kenal Bayern Munchen? Klub sepak bola ternama di Jerman ini berada di kota Munich (German:München), sekitar 18 jam dari Paris bermodakan transportasi bus. Waktu itu tepat dua minggu sebelum kepulangan saya ke Indonesia, saya ingin sekali mengunjungi negara Eropa lainnya. Pilihan pertama saya adalah Belanda, karena saya tertarik dengan bunga tulip dan [...]

5 reasons why you should live in Canberra

Sebagai seseorang yang sudah pernah tinggal di Australia, saya pernah menyaksikan beberapa ciri khas atau tipikal orang-orang yang hidup di 2 kota besar di sana, yaitu Sydney dan Melbourne. Tidak sedikit pula dari teman-teman atau kolega saya beranggapan bahwa Sydney adalah ibukota Australia, yang sama sekali hal itu sangat tidak benar. Saya datang ke Australia [...]

Work and Holiday Visa Australia

Hi, it's me again and I'm gonna write my experience how to get a Work and Holiday Visa (WHV) Australia and tell you how I could survive living there. I have written this story on my previous blog but I deleted it and was wondering if any of you want to know about what I [...]

First day of School

Bonsoir, It's been a while since the last time I wrote about Paris due to some occasion I have undergone recently. You can check my previous writing about how I ended up living in Paris. It was one rainy day in the last Autumn days late November 2014. I left the house around 9 o'clock and [...]